FORESTING HQ held a Foresting Q&A Meetup at the brand new DeCentre Cafe in the heart of Seoul; Gangnam.
To start off, our CEO, Daniel Eom, briefly introduced our project and the progress followed by an explanatory video which went over the basics of the Foresting platform and the innovative new content ecosystem it will harvest.
To top it off, a Q&A session was held with our CEO: Daniel Eom, in which the audience had the opportunity to voice any queries they had about the service and the platform. We asked our audience not to be shy and to simply raise their hands for the chance to have their questions answered.



Foresting Talk Concert is a special talk concert to identify the current status and problems of the contents market and to create opportunities for content creators to converge and find ways to solve problems. The first Foresting Talk Concert was held by speakers from active content creators such as MCN company representative, YouTubers, a beauty-creator, an illustrator, and more than 250 contents creators attended the audience.

Blockchain Open Forum 2018

Blockchain Open Forum 2018 brought together world-class professionals and experts from the blockchain ecosystem to share significant knowledge and insights with startup leaders. Among 9 participating company leaders, Foresting CEO, Daniel Eom delivered a persuasive presentation to more than 300 attendants and Foresting HQ was awarded by the 3rd rank in the 2018 Blockchain Project Pitch Competition.

WBF-World Blockchain Forum

NEW YORK 11-13 JUNE 2018

World Blockchain Forum in New York brought together visionary leaders, economic pioneers and enterprising investors from around the world as they discuss the future of the financial world. Daniel Eom the CEO of FORESTING joined a panel talk on the social impact of ICOs. The event brought over 40 famous speakers and over 1,000 CEOs, senior executives, VIPs, investors, government officials and more.

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Introducing the brand new mobile social media service based on blockchain technology.

Next generation of social media based on blockchain

Want to learn more about the FORESTING NETWORK? Find out about the features of our app, as well as the philosophy behind our blockchain-based social media and decentralized platform in this video.


Foresting provides an intuitive blockchain-based social media platform with top class UX/UI and the technology to support a wide range of content, including images and videos.

Provide User-Friendly UX/UI

Is fully Optimised for all Devices

Features Categories for Different Interests

Support all forms of content

Brings you More Privacy Control

Work four hours a day, share every moment, and manage your life.



FORESTING Network is based on PTON Token; an ethereum coin that is built on ERC-20. The majority of the token’s 24-Bn PTON issue will be for sale, while the rest will be distributed throughout the ecosystem.


FORESTING has established in the early 2018 with the vision of giving back to users and we will have the grand launch soon in the upcoming days.

  • 1Q-2018

    • FORESTING Foundation
    • Whitepaper v.0.5
  • 2Q-2018

    • Whitepaper v.0.8
    • Yellowpaper v.0.5
    • Private Pre-sale
    • Blockchain Structure Planning
  • 3Q-2018

    • Public Pre-sale
    • ICO
    • Platform Alpha Test
    • 1st Platform Beta Test
  • 4Q-2018

    • 2nd Platform Beta Test
  • 1Q-2019

    • Whitepaper v.1.0
    • 3rd Platform Beta Test
    • Int. Exchange Listing
  • 2Q-2019

    • Open Beta Launching
    • Local Exchange Listing
    • Mobile App(iOS & Android) Development


The founding members with creative and innovative minds that will change the world along with the team who are dedicated to support and provide a world changing service for their users.

  • David Kim


    David Kim is an M&A investment specialist and business architecture specialist and accelerating companies in ..

  • Daniel Eom

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Daniel Eom is the Co-founder and CEO of Foresting. After graduating from California State University, Los Angeles with..

  • Jimmy Kim


    Jimmy Kim is the Co-founder of Foresting who is also the CEO of 500V2 and Startup Radar, a global tech media company..

  • TJ Park


    TJ graduated from Ohio State University with Communication major. He started his career at North America Strategic Dept...

  • David Lee

    Chief Strategy Officer

    David is the CEO & Co-founder of DeCentre. He is a consultant for cryptocurand he was the Operation Director of Hdac project.

  • Hyeonjun Park

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Sungtae Chun

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Hyounwoo Sung

    Full Stack Developer

  • Seungheon Lee

    Full Stack Developer

  • Duckhyun Kim

    Full Stack Developer

  • BJ Jun

    Strategy Team Leader

  • Michelle Choi

    Strategy Team Leader

  • Jakhongir Gulomov

    Strategy Manager

  • Monica Lee

    Design Team Leader

  • Aileen Choi


  • Hyejin Bae


  • Aram Ju


  • Henry Noh

    MK Team Leader

  • Jeeah Yoon

    MK Team Leader

  • Sehee Lee

    MK Manager

  • Hayeon Oh

    OM Team Leader

  • Sunhwa Lim

    OM Team Leader

  • Sungjin Kang

    OM Manager

  • Seungmin Lee

    OM Manager

David Kim


David Kim is an M&A investment specialist and business architecture specialist and accelerating companies in diverse industries from manufacturing to ICT. Currently, he is the Founder of Foresting and the CEO of 500V, an alliance venture company which has over 500 innovative companies based on LIFE and TECHNOLOGY both online and offline.

Daniel Eom

CEO, Co-Founder

Daniel Eom is the Co-founder and CEO of Foresting. After graduating from California State University, Los Angeles with the degree of Business and Economics, Dan joined the McKinsey & Company as the business analyst. He used to be the Executive Director of Valuable Accelerator, an accelerating program helping entrepreneurs in Asia expand to new global markets. Daniel has a proven track record of starting companies and making them profitable for investors.

Jimmy Kim


Jimmy Kim is the Co-founder of Foresting who is also the CEO of 500V2 and Startup Radar, a global tech media company with more than 100,000 subscribers in Facebook. He used to be the VP of Zeroweb, a web publishing company, and a team leader of the Domestic MKT at LG Electronics.

TJ Park


TJ graduated from Ohio State University with Communication major. He started his career at North America Strategic Dept. of Samsung Electronics as the IRO where now he is the CEO of the SR Innovation. TJ is also one fo the co-founders of Foresting HQ.

David Lee

Chief Strategy Officer

David is the CEO & Co-founder of DeCentre. He is a consultant for cryptocurand he was the Operation Director of Hdac project.


Specialists and innovators who have excelled in blockchain, social media ,and business around the world have joined our project to offer their expertise.

  • Daniel Bar

    Co-Founder at Tenzorum Project

    • Chairman, Bitfwd Community
    • ValueNet Capital, Advisor
    • Blockchain Catalyst in Residence, Michael Crouch Innovation Centre
  • Matthew Herrick

    Co-Founder at Ledger Leap

    • Deedcoin, Co-Founder
    • Monetizr, Advisor
    • Trustroot, Advisor
  • Jae Pil Kim

    Oz1, CEO

    • Deputy Director, Kakao Corp.
    • Bachelor's Degree, Korea University
  • Unenburen Ulziiburen

    BitMonEx, Founder

    • Skinny Studio, Co-Founder
    • Lots Invest, CEO
    • Sodtrade LLC, CEO
  • Seuk Hoon Pi

    BOKWANG INVESTMENT, Dept. Director

    • Medici Investment Judge
    • Samsung Heavy Industries Development Manager
    • KAIST Ph.D, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Satish Uttamchandani

    Trade Finance Market, Director of Legal Affairs

    • Duane Morris Selvam
    • MA, Oxford University
    • MA, University College Dublin
  • Danny Jeong


    • TOBESOFT, Deputy Director
    • Sidus Corp, Online Game Business Development
    • Yahoo Korea, Producer of Business Development
  • Lilia Stoyanov

    Transformify, CEO

    • Coca-Cola, Managed global operations
    • Professor at Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School
    • Master's Degree, Oxford University
  • Sang Won Cho


    • Pegasus Capital Asia, CEO
    • Artemis Advisory, Deputy Director
  • Brian Dixon

    Capital Innovators, COO

    • Page Law, Ex Director of Business Development
    • Schultz & Myers, Ex Director of Marketing
    • Juris Doctor, Law, Washington University in St. Louis School of Law
  • Alberto Furger

    Read Enterprises, CEO

    • Managing Director, Amara Holding Limited
    • Tontine Trust, CFO
    • MBA, Business Administration, Heriot-Watt University
  • Jun Ho Lee

    JIENEM Co., Ltd. CEO

    • Northwestern University, Major in Economics (leave of absence)
  • Richard Klatt

    Partnerships at Indorse, Vice President

    • Director at SGRECX
    • Capital Partners, Ex Capital Markets Solutions Manager
    • MBA, Hult International Business School
  • Mike Noh

    DeCentre CMO

    • HDAC Marketing Lead
    • JYP Ent., Director of Marketing and Business Development
    • Bachelor's Degree, Hanyang University
  • Zoltan Veszer

    IP Chain, Overseas Marketing Director

    • IP Chain, Strategic Advisor
    • Augmint, Advisor
    • MA, Business & Foreign Relation, Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Jae Kyun Noh

    Kakao Bank, Outside Director

    • SGI, Executive Director
  • Lee Wilkins

    Exchange Union, Int. Marketing Director

    • Big & Co., Consultant
    • Movement Capital, Ex Chief Marketing Officer
    • The Blessed John Roche RC School
  • Kyung Hwun Kim

    ADT CAPS, Advisor

    • DoohaNuri General Manager
    • ADT CAPS Advisor
    • QDBrick Sales & Marketing Director
  • Hyeok Jin Sung

    Flur, CEO

    • Professor at Design School, Sookmyung Woman’s University
    • Doctoral Degree, Konkuk University
    • Seoul National University, Masters in Design
  • Elisha Owusu Akyaw

    Token TV, CMO

    • #CF Cleared Funds, Chief Marketing Officer
    • Token, CEO
    • Africa’s youngest bitcoin entreprenuer
  • Joseph S. Park

    Park & Park llp. Managing Partner

    • Yeshiva University
    • Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
  • Mun Shing Cheong

    Katalis Digital, General Manager

    • NYNJA Group, ICO Advisor
    • Microsoft, Ex Enterprise marketing Lead, Microsoft
    • Postgrad, Financial Engineering, Stanford University
  • Sang Min Kim

    Former Congressman

    • Former Secretary General of Bareun Party
    • the 19th Assemblyman at the Liberty Korea Party
    • Bachelor's Degree, Ajou University
  • Kevin Wright, Technical Writer

    • uBaZaar Limited, Founder
    • TekHus Pte Ltd., Director
    • MBA, Management, The Open University
  • Jeong Ki Kim

    FORESTING, Advisor

    • Executive Director of WM Group at KB Kookmin Bank

Alberto Furger

CEO at Read Enterprises

Alberto is currently the CEO at Read Enterprises and CFO for Tontine Trust, a retirement savings platform based on blockchain technology. In addition to this, he’s the owner of consulting and advisory firm, the co-founder of a community program that aims to educate prospective students about financial stability, and one of the head advisors for Foresting.
Tontine Trust Limited is developing a decentralized peer-to-peer retirement savings platform. Its mission is to deliver fully-regulated, always-fully-funded, retirement savings products, secured on the Stellar blockchain and managed by a patent-pending smart-actuary.

Richard Klatt

VP Partnerships at Indorse

Richard is currently the VP partnerships at Indorse; a networking platform for other companies powered by blockchain technology. Prior to this, Richard had worked in venture development and investment banking roles. He is the co-founder of a co-living space and holds an MBA.
Indorse is a skills-based professional network of Web 3.0 on Ethereum Blockchain that aims to give data ownership back to the users. This revolutionary platform uses new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the shape of professional social networking.

Brian Dixon

COO at Capital Innovators

Brian works as the COO for global accelerator program, Capital Innovators. He has experience working with some of the world’s most forward thinking entrepreneurs and, because of this, has in-depth knowledge into the most cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of the world.
Capital Innovators is an innovation engine for startups, corporations, and universities. Through their nationally recognized seed program, Capital Innovators has been ranked as a top accelerator for four years consecutively and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, CB Insights, Inc., and TechCrunch, among other publications.

Ava Lawrence

Founder at Pawmetrics

In addition to her role as a Founder for Pawmetrics, Ava currently holds the position of Director of Communications for FutureFuel Tech: a company who are aiming to build The UK’s largest & fully sustainable renewable energy off-grid Bitcoin mine. She has a long history of working in strategic marketing and PR roles, both within and out with the blockchain industry.
Pawmetrics is an animal biotechnology company building the world's most advanced implanted biosensor. The sensor will be capable of diagnosing common diseases that affect cats and dogs, along with precise in-body temperature measurements.

Lee Wilkins

International Marketing Director at Exchange Union

Lee is responsible for all Global Marketing and PR activities with Exchange Union, as well as various legal and commercial/operational activities at Board level. He has extensive experience working with international brands, building marketing and e-Business units with operational and P&L responsibilities.
Exchange Union is on a mission to connect digital asset exchanges across the globe. The company is an open source platform which bases its operations fully on Blockchain technology.

Elisha Owusu Akyaw

Chief Marketing Officer at Token TV

Elisha is the chief marketing officer and cofounder of British blockchain media outlet, Token TV, as well as the chief marketing officer for a variety of different ICOs, including #CF, Token Media, LWF Logistics, Token Agency and PIVX.
Token TV is a UK based Cryptocurrency and Blockchain media hub that provides authentic information updates through interviews, news updates, and expert analysis. They aim to breakdown compelling issues related to bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Zoltan Veszer

Overseas Marketing Director at IP Chain

Zoltan is the overseas marketing director at IP Chain; a leading blockchain technology firm in the field of Intellectual Property protection. In addition to this role, he is also acting as an advisor to blockchain technology firms, including Hungary’s Blockchain Competence Center, Augmint, and Foresting.
IP Chain is one of the leading blockchain technology platforms, specializing in the field of protecting Intellectual Property throughout the world.

Kevin Wright

Technical Writer at

Kevin is nomadic entrepreneur, based in Southeast Asia, working across Asia, North America, and Europe, in both developed and developing markets. He’s one of the lead technical writers for media outlet, In addition to this, he’s founded several financial and technological businesses, including, most recently uBazaar; an end-to-end e-commerce business solutions website. is the premier source for everything Bitcoin related. The company assists members of the public to get started with bitcoin, by helping them buy their coins, choose their wallet, and deepen their knowledge of bitcoin and its properties. The website also acts as a media outlet, filled with the latest news about Bitcoin, and is home to an engaged community forum group.

Mun Shing Cheong

General Manager at Katalis Digital

Mun Shing is currently the General Manager of Katalis Digital (part of ANX International), a digital and communications agency specializing in blockchain, digital assets, and startups. She’s an experienced digital leader, growth marketer, and token campaign advisor who’s had the opportunity to lead token campaigns for exciting startup projects globally.
Katalis Digital is a digital marketing advisory company who specialize in assisting a range of businesses, from established companies to start-ups, grow within a digital-assets ecosystem.

Unenburen Ulziiburen

BitMonEx, Founder

Unenburen is a successful young entrepreneur. Currently, he serves as the CEO of three companies that operate in the fields of international trade, real estate and technology. He was named by the Forbes Mongolia on their ’30 Under 30’ list of the most influential change-makers in the country.
Unenburen graduated high school in Vienna, Austria and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Beijing International Studies University in Beijing, PR China. His cross-cultural background enables him to have a deep connection in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry.

Lilia Stoyanov

Transformify, CEO

Lilia is a Senior Executive with 10+ years of experience, managed global operations at Coca-Cola Enterprises and Skrill/Paysafe. Digital Transformation and Fintech expert. Expertise in Financial Services, Payments, Blockchain, Operations. She is a programme and project management of strategic projects, including the development of the Shared Service Centers of Coca–Cola Enterprises and Skrill/Paysafe. She has implemented financial and internal controls at both Coca-Cola Enterprises and Skrill/Paysafe. SOX and FCA compliance framework. As well as, managed the relationship with CapGemini, the outsourced partner of Coca-Cola Enterprises and teams based on three continents. In 2013 she was granted the Coca-Cola Enterprises Finance Excellence Award and was the 2017 First Women Award Winner (UK). Top 10 Fintech Innovations, #DL100 (UK). Lily is an Angel investor and co-founder who has developed and launched Transformify.

Daniel Bar

Tenzorum Project, Co-Founder

Daniel is an entrepreneur with primary focus on decentralized web technologies. He is the founder of Tenzorum Project and serves as Chairman of the bitfwd community he has founded. Daniel is particularly interested in disruptive innovation in the FinTech space and promotes equitable business models through opensource systems and cryptoeconomic empowerment. Daniel was selected as impact entrepreneur fellow to join the Edmund Hillary Fellowship program.
He is based mostly in APAC (Australia, New Zealand and China).
Daniel leads global Blockchain collaborations involving grassroots developers communities, high profile tech projects, venture funds, academic institutes, NFPs and governmental organizations. His work attracted governmental grants from Australia, New Zealand, China and Israel.
Prior to Blockchain technology ventures Daniel was involved in research and engineering roles in areas such as Quantum Computation, Nanoelectronics and Biosensors.
Daniel holds an MSc degree in Nanotechnology from the Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology and a graduate of the QLC Orion Entrepreneurship program from the Business School at the University of New South Wales.
Daniel cares deeply about initiatives in the education space, advancement of indigenous people, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

Matthew Harrick

Ledger Leap, Co-Founder

Matthew Herrick established a franchise network in 2008 to bring mobile MNVO solutions from SK Telecom into new scalable retail pipelines through brands such as Helio. After the SK acquisition by Virgin Mobile, he was recruited to manage real estate acquisitions for a prominent private equity fund, spending four years in the PE sector focused on growth, analysis, and deal flow. Upon the emergence of blockchain technology, he used his understanding of the industry to co-found the Deed platform with Charles Wismer, a solution later awarded as 2018’s Most Innovative use of Blockchain Technology in Real Estate by the Blockchain World Conference. Utilizing the platform and tech that made Deed revolutionary, Herrick co-founded Ledger Leap, a blockchain design company that builds and launches solutions for today’s leading tech companies. Their clients include IBM Xprize award-winners along with OpenTable and Priceline founders. Herrick has advised some of the top ICOs, exchanges, conferences and leading venture funds. He has been featured in Inc Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and NASDAQ as one of the foremost experts in BaaS. His industry spanning experience allows him to uniquely analyze distributed ledger strategies to balance effectivity, sustainability, risk, and scaling.

Mike Noh

DeCentre CMO

Mike is a results-oriented marketing leader known for innovation and unique mix of strategic, creative, operational and technical abilities. He has gotten a reputation in Korea as having a consistent track record in generating global leads and forming new business partnerships. He is the CMO at Decentre a expert Blockchain Group. He was the Marketing Lead at HDAC with responsibilities for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorships. His specialties include: Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Sales Operations, Product Marketing, Product Management, Strategic Planning, Brand Design, Social Media, Website / eMarketing, Channel Marketing, Market Research, and Global Alliances.

Seuk Hoon Pi

Bokwang Investment Dept. Director

Seuk Hoon has managed investment funds for Medici Investments in Korea. He is dedicated to understanding the agents of change. He was the senior engineer at Samsung Heavy Industries and is currently the Investment Dept. Director at Bokwang. He welcomes the sense of responsibility to all the people invested in his funds. He embraces that trust that has been placed in him, relishes the challenge, and enjoys nothing more than to deliver on those hopes. Seukhoon seeks to understand businesses and to forecast a range of outcomes before making a final investment. He is also an expert in the field of sustainable energy who holds a doctorate degree in material science at KAIST. After acquiring his doctorate degree, he served as the leader of a technology development and new business project at the Energy Plant of the Central Research Center of Samsung Heavy Industries, performing various research tasks and business strategies related to renewable energy.He has done many investments into Blockchain-based Fintech Startups.

Jae Wook Ryu

Nemo Partners CEO

Jae Wook is the CEO at Nemo Partners SCG, a Korean consulting firm that uses an Informed Decision Making model based on consultation and agreement with the client’s staff rather than a top-down imposition model. Jae believes in a sustained and symbiotic growth with clients rather than focusing on short-run profitability. Jae’s responsibilities include running all facets of the business. He has a proven executive management track record and over 18 years of experience growing Nemo Partners into the best consulting firm in Korea. With six affiliate offices, Nemo Partners has over 230 employees who provide comprehensive consulting services for 12 different businesses. He received his MBA at Harvard University. He is a member of two committes: Public Officials Benefit Association Investment Committee and Teacher's Pension Investments

Chang Gi Jung

JUNGIN Accounting Corp. CEO

Chang Gi Jung is the CEO at JUNGIN Accounting Corp. This new and up and coming account firm was formed in 2018. Chang has over 10 years of experience as a CPA/tax accountant and has done consulting for many Korean companies and startups related to IT and real estate. He has a wide range of experience in taxation, financial consulting, and management consulting, and is a specialist in fields such as IFRS, finance, real estate, inheritance, gift tax, IT audit, start-up. Chang has already spearheaded a number of initiatives to benefit not only the profession, but also investors, business owners, lenders and the general public. All of the specialists at JUNGIN are from the Big 4 accounting corporations. Prior to starting JUNGIN Accounting Corp, he was the Executive Director of Audit and Inspection Department at Samjong KPMG Accounting Corporation from 2000 to 2018, a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, and Advisory services. He worked at New York Office of Samjong KPMG between 2004 and 2005. Chang pursued his master's deggree at Yonsei University Graduate School of Business (Financial Management) In 1994, he became a Manager of Shandong Accounting Corporation and managed the company for 6 years.

Joseph S. Park

Park & Park llp. Managing Partner

Joseph S. Park is the Managing Partner at Park & Park llp. After graduating from Yeshiva University and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Joseph was a serial entrepreneur, attorney and advisor for many Korean Companies, law firms, and VC firms. He has over 12 years of experience in international law and cross border commercial law. He provides specialist, business focused counsel essential for clients to achieve their business goals through real world advice in challenging business environments across New York and Seoul. His responsibilities at Park & Park llp includes deal flow origination, execution, portfolio company management and various legal issues including the drafting of specialized legislation.

Sang Min Kim

Former Congressman

Sang Min Kim is the former Secretary General of the Bareun Party (Suwon District) Gyeongi–do. He was the 18th Student Council President at Ajou University and founded the college student volunteer team called “V Expedition”. He is a member of the Hope Sharing Policy Network by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. He was the 19th Assemblyman at the Liberty Korea Party and the 18th Chairperson of the Youth Special Committee of Presidential Acquisition Committee. In 2014 he was the member of the 19th Political Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. Then in 2015 he became the member of the 19th Budget Committee of the National Assembly.

Hyeok Jin Sung

Flur CEO

Hyeok Jin Sung is the CEO at Flur Creative Group which works together with experts from various design fields. He has years of experience in strategic branding, graphic design, interactive media, UI/UX optimization, and product development for some of Korea’s most successful retailers and consumer product companies. Hyeok has a unique blend of expertise gained from leading branding intiatives from both the client and agency perspectives. He received a Masters in Design at Seoul National University. He completed his doctoral degree at Konkuk University. He is also a visiting professor at Design School at Sookmyung Woman’s University. His masterpieces can be seen at the digital culture space “d-light” in the main buildings at Samsung Electronics, STX PR, and Mr. Pizza. His digital technology works are in contact with design in that it overcomes all limitations and presents new possibilities. Some of his artworks can be found in the following spheres:
- New Media Art / Interactive Media
- Digital Signage
- UI / UX / Service
- IOT / Industry 4.0 / Robotics

Jae Pil Kim


Jae Pil Kim is the CEO of Oz1. He majored in Chinese Literature at Korea University. He has been working with partners who are in charge of offline business development and helping digital conversion. In other words, he has invested development manpower and assets to create his own services and share his interests and profits with the business. He has worked as the head of the Kakao advertising sales team and the head of the Kakao Pay. Soon after having gained a great work experience from Kakao, he started managing Oz1 (online to offline company) which provides services such as online business consulting and application sketching. Previously, he worked for Chosun Ilbo, Guerrilla tickets, and a sales department in Lotiple. Currenyly Jae Pil is making a successful partnership with 6 different companies including Kangaroo and Albit

Kyung Hwun Kim

ADT CAPS Advisor

Since its establishment in 2015, Doosha Saving has been expanding its business in diverse fields, including R&D, distribution, SI, consulting, and environmental business. Based on our development know-how through R&D, they aim to realize their customers dreams as well as expand to new businesses. The company is now poised to take a leap forward, preparing themselves for the world and home. Efforts are being made to bring dreams beyond the needs of company's customers, and to show them as reality, at the same time. They will continue to provide customers with innovative ideas, continuous research technology development, and continuous innovation in the quality of its products to help them realize their future.
Cudibrics are based on its unique quantum dot and Cudat surface treatment technology to manufacture various quantum dot embedded compounds. The company has been developing various technologies to maintain cooperation with electronics and LED manufacturers. Based on its experience, accumulated technical skills, excellent partners and human resources, it is a company that is accompanied by customer growth in various industries. He is an advisor at ADT Caps, the world's leading security company which has led to over 140 years of security, has advanced technology and based on advanced service know-how. It has evolved to provide the best quality and service to its customers.

Jun Ho Lee


Jun Ho Lee has become the CEO of JIENUM a platform that provides lodge-booking services for travellers while he was majoring Economics at Northwestern University. Jun Ho felt that there were a lot of apps for booking hotel rooms, but younger tourists still were not well-informed about various unique lodging options such as guest houses. He wanted to create a platform to introduce many suitable choices for travellers. Based on more than 1,000 guest home vacation spots in South Korea, Jienem is introducing all of its businesses such as MonStay, EGStay guesthouse franchise, business establishment education, and consignment operations. Among the Korean O2O (online to offline) guesthouses, the only place where the online reservation service and the offline guest house are operated together is Jienem. A giant accommodation reservtation service operator Yanolja made a strategic investment in Jienem company. Jienem also attracted investments from Capston Partners for free series A which is worth $500 million (500 million KRW). This investment is meaningful because VC's investment in startup companies is highly valued and driven by its future growth. Jun Ho was a part of Gookmin University’s entrepreneurship group’s idea that got selected as a part of Korea’s sponsored accelerated program. He has been able to get funding from Angel Investment and OnChina, a Chinese Marketing company. He obtained a valuable work experience from Internship at Nics Co., Ltd, Buk Co., Ltd, JW Pharmaceutical Corporation Intern and Korea Investment & Securities.

Jeong Ki Kim

Advisor at FORESTING

Jeong Ki Kim, was the Executive Director of WM Group at KB Kookmin Bank and he is currently an advisor at Foresting Banking. Being a combination of banking and securities, WM Group provides optimized and comprehensive asset management service by embracing the know-how of Hyundai Securities based on KB Kookmin Bank's infrastructure. During his tenure, Kim established a regional asset management business base by providing “one-stop” comprehensive financial services. He further strengthened its market dominance by establishing a customer-oriented business environment centering on regional hubs and by conducting synergy activities with affiliates within KB Kookmin Bank.

Jae Kyun Noh


Jae Kyun Noh is currently an outside director of Kakao Bank and has a wide range of knowledge and experience in online banking. Kakao Bank was launched as an internet based bank serving in the fields of savings, credits, loans, foreign transactions and etc. Additionally, the company provide a beneficial service that can be used by all customers. In 1986, Jae Kyun joined the Seoul Guarantee Insurance, and gained credit analysis experience, namely in the finance and financial technology (FinTech) sphere, after 30 years career in the Department of Professional Insurance.

Minwoo Park

Cheif Operating Officer

Minwoo Park is the CEO of 500V2, a advertising agency. He used to be the VP EPP Media, and a manager of the Domestic MKT at LG Electronics.

Satish Uttamchandani

Trade Finance Market, Director of Legal Affairs

Satish is the Director of Legal Affairs at Trade Finance Market, a platform that provides liquidity for global trade, particularly to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). He has extensive experience in commercial and international law. Prior to Trade Finance Market, he worked with Duane Morris Selvam in Singapore. He holds a MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University and a MA from University College Dublin. Satish was called to the New York Bar.


  • Megan & Scott


  • Clayton Jacobs


  • Bechara Saab


  • Jodie Dewberry


  • Samantha Gross


  • Anita Emefa Hato


  • Hallie Bradley


  • Katarina Poljakova


  • Tarik Sultan


  • Rocio Cadena


  • Tom Alford


  • Angela Bost


  • Leigh MacArthur


Samantha Gross


Samantha runs the travel blog 'There She Goes Again', where she documents her different trips and life abroad. Her address seems to change each year, though for now she’s based out of Korea for the 3rd time. She loves photography, fashion, and a good story, no matter what form it takes.

Nash Ang



Clayton Jacobs


Packed up and moved to Shenzhen after 4 years of Mandarin study to be on the forefront of the Chinese start-up/technology wave both in a physical and entrepreneurial aspect. Clayton is here to create great media content for a native Chinese audience to bring the knowledge existing in the West together with local analysis to paint the big picture on technology markets in order to help Chinese businesses make the most educated decisions possible.

Anita Emefa Hato


Anita Emefa Hato is a final year student at Ewha Womans University studying MSc in Educational Technology after pursuing a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics (Double Major) at the University of Ghana. Her main goal for venturing in this area of study is to become an instructional designer for children as she is very passionate about the education of kids. She's an experienced destination photographer who goes by the business name Hatography. She specializes in portraits, weddings, family, events, travels, etc.

Hallie Bradley


Hallie Bradley has lived and worked in Seoul, Korea since 2006. She runs the popular site The Soul of Seoul where she aims to provide information on up-and-coming hot spots, trends and off the beaten path places that foreigners in and coming to Korea want to know about even if they don't know it yet. When she's not writing and sharing new places, she can be found drinking coffee in a groovy cafe or walking barefoot in a park.

Rocio Cadena


Rocio is a Mexican-American freelance writer who spent two years in South Korea and is now traveling through Southeast Asia—and beyond.

Laura Nalin


Laura is an American expat living in Saigon, Vietnam. She is a lover of spicy food, the Pittsburgh Steelers and will never turn down a pizza. She is a avid Phish fan and often like to sneak some lyrics into my posts. And also, she is an advocate for responsible and mindful travel and would like to inspire others along the way as she believes we should all treat our planet with love and respect.

Radika & Johnny


Radhika & Johnny are a location independent couple who gave up the office life in Australia in 2013 and have been travelling the world while working on their online business, ever since. They teach others how to go remote at

Bechara Saab


Bechara is the CEO and Chief Scientist of Mobio Interactive, a digital therapeutics and performance enhancement company empowering better living and faster healing. Mobio Interactive blends science and design with internally developed psychobiometrics and rigorously interrogates the efficacy of its products through random controlled trials. This commitment of using science to test and tailor its products to each individual user ensures that a Mobio Interactive product is an effective product for everyone.

Jodie Dewberr


Jodie is a female digital nomad, travel blogger and digital content creator from The UK. In 2017, she gave up a job she loved, moved out of her London apartment and donated her things to charity to work for herself, travel the world and start a new life of freedom: Freedom to be where she wants, work when she wants and to live how she wants.

Tom Alford


Tom is a cryptocurrency investor from Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He believes in long-term projects rather than any short-term gains and is a strong advocate of the future application of blockchain technology.

Angela Bost


Angela is from the U.S.A. She came to Korea in June of 2013. She is currently an English teacher at an elementary school. Angela has a double bachelors of arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Her passion is making people happy and helping those in need. This is why she started her YouTube channel. She wanted to provide fun information about traveling, food, and life in South Korea. She has been on YouTube since about 2013 with a subscriber count of 2,429. Even though she doesn't have a huge following, she still enjoys providing entertaining content. She hopes to continue making enjoyable videos and build as many connections as possible.

Katarina Poljakova


Kate Poljakova was born and raised in Slovakia and moved to Hawaii after she got recruited to play for University of Hawaii (UH) Division 1 Women Tennis team. After she became a team captain in her junior year, she led her team to first ever conference championship in UH Women Tennis team history. In addition to her student- athlete achievements, she was selected to represent Shidler College of Business in CFA Research Challenge. After winning the local round, her team got placed in the top 20 teams within North and South Americas region. During her studies, Kate also worked as an Academic Mentor and Financial/Accounting Tutor for student- athletes.

Leigh MacArthur


Leigh is an award winning Canadian born photographer based in Gyeonggi Province of South Korea, he has been photographing Korea for over 10 years in search of natural beauty that emanates a sense of balance between tranquility and power drawing inspiration from mid to late Joseon Dynasty artistic themes and shapes mixed with European and Canadian colours. He has been featured on SBS, EBS, and Arirang TV in Korea, and CNN internationally. He has been published in numerous magazines, books, and newspapers including JoongAng Ilbo, Cine21, and Lonely Planet. He’s also been in exhibitions in Japan, Busan, and Seoul including one sponsored by National Geographic.

Tarik Sultan


Tarik is an entrepreneurial professional with diversified experience in new venture start-ups, business development and management.

Megan & Scott


Scott and Megan, aka Bobo and Chichi, started their nomadic and traveling lifestyle after quitting their corporate jobs in the US to teach English and travel abroad in Seoul, South Korea where they started their travel blog and making videos. Today the duo travels around the world as a full on production team hired by destinations and companies to promote incredible travel spots all over the world and share their personal travel tips, travel guides, photos, and unique videos across their channels and their website


Global organizations and corporations around the world in the industry of exchange, investment, media, and diverse spheres have joined to collaborate.

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Here you can find frequently asked questions and our answers.

QWhat is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency uses cryptography for security and is a digital / virtual currency. It is truly difficult to invade cryptocurrency because of the security feature. A cryptocurrency is not issued by any central authority which is its organic nature, which makes it theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation from other source.


FORESTING is a new generation social media platform that rewards content creators for their time and creativity by using blockchain technology.

QWhat is PTON?

PTON is the cryptocurrency that will be used as a reward on the FORESTING platform.

QHow many PTON Token will be sold?

The total amount of PTON is 24 BN tokens and 40% of this will be sold, which is 9.6 BN tokens.

QWhat does token sale mean?

The exchange of PTON tokens for other currencies is token sale. The main goal is to build and run application on the network by achieving widely distribution of tokens to be used on the FORESTING blockchain.

QWhich currencies will be accepted?

Contributions can be made in ETH only.

QDo I have to be a blockchain expert to use the platform/service?

No, thanks to FORESTING's user friendly interface it will be intuitive and easy to use like other social media (i.e Facebook or Instagram).