Introducing the brand new mobile social media service based on blockchain technology.



Provide User-Friendly UX/UI

– Building UX/UI of existing SNS info such as Facebook and Instagram
– Providing new UX/UI environment just specialized for blockchain-based rewarding SNS

Device Optimization

– Mobile optimization by developing reactive Web/Mobile Apps
– Device optimization available on any device, including PC, tablet, and mobile

Categories focused on general users

– Contents not only related to blockchain or cryptocurrency
– Spreading through general user access in various fields such as media, webtoons, and game reviews

Support all forms of content

– Develop a ‘core’ to support all forms of content
– Provide environment for various DApp creation and development

Add blind and delete features for contents

– Add Public/Private features to accommodate more target pools
– Add content deletion feature to gain access to information and ownership


1. Real-time Trade Function through Embedded Exchange

– Provide real-time trading function by embedding major exchanges around the world
– Activate crypto coin trading by exposing the acquired coins and the total amount of the coins held

2. Master Node-based P2P Transaction

– Minimum of 10 coin openings per user (RPC module provided for each coin access)
– Link to Foresting, Payment Channel, and State Channel

3. Content Creator Sponsor Feature

– Possibility of direct sponsorship to content creators other than the ‘like’ button
– Expose content popularity at the top of posts

4. Open Market Advertising

– Shedding the target/retarget ads that are centered around the advertisers and platform operator
– Transparent and efficient/effective advertising operations through the introduction of the advertising Content ‘Bidding’ system


Soon available on iOS and Android


“Korea’s first blockchain based SNS for economic freedom of content providers”



The ‘Foresting’ or ‘Foresting Platform’ is a blockchain based social media platform that deviates from the distribution system of traditional social media platforms, and provides a fair value distribution system for users who are the true owners of the platform that deliver content through blockchain technologies and contribute to platforms in a variety of forms.


The Foresting Foundation makes sure the operation of the Foresting Network is stable and transparent, in order to fulfill the continuous, effective and direct social contribution for the core value of the Foresting Network to set up a ‘fair society’.


‘Foresting Bank ‘ is a digital bank for content creators and curators alike. The core of the Foresting Network consists of the platform users who will be provided and supported by financial services to create contents in their entirety.

And users stand at the heart of the Foresting Network. Depending on content delivery and platform engagement, Foresting users may have the scalability and impact within the network.




Connecting the world and making lives more valuable


Changing humanity with crowd donations


Creating a unique credit rating system


Mike Noh

DeCentre CMO

Seukhoon Pi

Dept. Director

Jae Wook Ryu

Nemo Partners, CEO

Jang Hoon Kim

Yong In University Assisstant Professor

Chang Gi Jung

JUNGIN Accounting Corp., CEO

Joseph S. Park

Park & Park llp.
Managing Partner

Sang Min Kim

Former member of

Hyeok Jin Sung

Flur, CEO

Samuel Yim

Kim & Chang, Blockchain Attorney

Samuel Yim is a foreign attorney at Kim & Chang. He specializes in advising clients on legal and regulatory matters pertaining to cryptocurrency, blockchains, privacy and data protection. He also specializes in internal investigations, white collar defense, cross-border litigation and general crisis management. Prior to joining Kim & Chang, Mr. Yim worked at Allen & Overy LLP in its New York and Hong Kong offices and served in the U.S. Army and held the rank of Captain.

Thomas Cox

Vice President of Product

As VP of Product, Thomas leads a growing team of world class experts to productize the software EOS.IO.  He is the discoverer of The Only Universal Truth of Leadership, which enables one to lead oneself and others more powerfully and effectively, and even teach others to lead — regardless of their personality or situation. Based on Lean principles, this Universal Truth can be applied to any organization or team, giving every person with positional authority the opportunity to become the Best Boss their people have ever had and driving engagement, growth, and results.

Dipesh Sukhani

Indorse.io, Co-Founder

Dipesh handles the Business and Operations for Indorse (decentralizing skill validation). Academically having pursued chartered accountancy, followed by gaining experience in the field of tax and regulatory framework, Dipesh assisted in managing the tax affairs of a broad spectrum of clients, majority of them coming from the financial services industry. Not limiting to tax matters, he got involved in the overall business construct and accordingly advised on tax efficient, yet commercially viable, solutions.

Alberto Furger

Tontine Trust, CFO

Alberto has more than 15 years experience establishing and leading major new financial services organizations.  He is the CFO at TontineTrust Limited which is developing a decentralized peer-to-peer retirement savings platform. Alberto understands how to structure & manage globally active financial services businesses.  Alberto is an Angel Investor in Chargifi Limited, which is backed by Intel Capital, and serves as an Advisor to Rockfirst Capital, a disruptive Tech Venture Capital firm based in Dubai.

Gonzalo Ferradas

CoinyPay, Co-Founder

Crypto/ Blockchain Advisor-Investor. Only backing strong teams with a prototype. Experienced ingrowing startups and fluent in 5 languages.  Investor in Blockchain Protocols and Networks

Zach Chester

eToro, Crytocurrency Analyst

As an early participant and investor in the Bitcoin eco-system since 2011. Zach has developed skills in blockchain architecture, ICO design, and token asset economics. Currently, advising/consulting, executing ICO’s and other blockchain solutions for FinTech, PayTech, and others.  Zach has been trading the financial and stock markets since late 2001. Zach first started his analytics company (Zero-Value Inc) in 2014, which provided key analytics on forex, stock and bitcoin markets. Which later on was rebranded and launch under a new owner

Kimberly King

One Island Institute/
Innovation Lab, CEO

Kimberly King is an award-winning social entrepreneur and change agent in the field of public-private partnerships and innovation ecosystems. Her passion is working at the intersection of global challenges, sustainable business strategy and scaling impact. Clients/Partners include American Express/AMEX Advisors, Coca-Cola, AT&T, and the United Nations.  She is an international speaker, media producer and featured co-author in “The Power of Team”. She has worked and traveled to nearly 70 countries and is an honored recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Global Humanitarian Award

Simon Berman

Kosmonotes, CEO

Simon is a serial tech entrepreneur and currently the CEO/Co-founder of Kosmonotes, an AI-driven collaboration tool which simplifies the creation and navigation of complex information. He was accepted into the 2nd Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp where he led an amazing international team through to the finals and now is an official mentor.  His passion is the creative application of technology, be it hammers, nails or cloud computing, to solving specific problems

Vitaly Makarenko

BitRewards, COO

Itay Shechter

Co-Founder & COO

Corey J. Lederer

Senior Director of Tech Products

Bruce Song

Launch Pop, CFO

Gilberto Carvalho

Head of Marketing & Digital

Chia Ling Koh

Osborne Clarke,
Managing Director

Mun Shing Cheong

NYNJA Group, ICO Advisor

Zoltan Veszer

IP Chain,
Overseas Marketing Director

Ana Paula Picasso

OAX Foundation, Social Media Manager

Daria Varha

Tradelize, Senior Marketing Manager

Marc Wolenik

7Ones, President

Suraz Kottakki

NextHash, ASEAN

Rama Iyer

T-Hub, Senior Vice President

Denis Farnosov

AlfaToken, Founder

Marty Bauer

BitBounce, Director of Business Development

Brian Dixon

Capital Innovators, COO

Ahmed Matthew Shelton

CryptoCurrency of Virginia, Founder

Kalman Gabriel

Polymath, Managing Director

Michael Atkinson

SioCoin, Blockchain Advisor

Rowan Stone

Alterchain, Director of Business Development

Kevin Wright

Bitcoin.com, Technical Writer

Andrey Korotkov

MediChain, Advisor

Ava Lawrence

Pawmetircs, Founder

Lee Wilkins

Exchange Union, International Marketing Director

Andrew Boot

Token Agency, Account Manager

Elisha Owusu Akyaw

Token TV, CMO

Richard Klatt

Partnerships at Indorse, Vice President

Alex Saidani

Xcelchain, Founder


David Kim


David Kim is an M&A investment specialist and business architecture specialist where he gained experience of M&A and accelerating companies in diverse industries from manufacturing to ICT. Currently, he is the Founder of Foresting and the CEO of 500V, an alliance venture company which has over 500 innovative companies based on LIFE and TECHNOLOGY both online and offline.

Daniel Eom

CEO, Co-Founder

Daniel Eom is the Co-founder and CEO of Foresting. After graduating from California State University, Los Angeles with the degree of Business and Economics, Dan joined the McKinsey & Company as the business analyst. He used to be the Executive Director of Valuable Accelerator, an accelerating program helping entrepreneurs in Asia expand to new global markets. Daniel has a proven track record of starting companies and making them profitable for investors.

Jimmy Kim


Jimmy Kim is the Co-founder of Foresting who is also the CEO of 500V2 and Startup Radar, a global tech media company with more than 100,000 subscribers in Facebook. He used to be the VP of Zeroweb, a web publishing company, and a team leader of the Domestic MKT at LG Electronics.

TJ Park


TJ graduated from Ohio State University with Communication major. He started working at ACNielsen as the Market Researcher. He settled at North America Strategic Dept. of Samsung Electronics as the IRO where now he is the CEO of the SR Innovation. TJ is also a member of Co-founder for Foresting.


David Lee


David is the CEO & Co-founder of DeCentre. He is a consultant for cryptocurrency business related to blockchain and he was the Operation Director of Hdac project.

Hyeonjun Park

Chief Creative Officer

With over 15 years of experience in multiple fields like game, web, app, UI/UX and graphic design, Hyeonjun Park is the Chief Creative Officer for Foresting. He was the head of consulting for WEDAS, a job consulting platform service, as well as the Creative Director for Mashups. He has also worked for SeoulSpace as the Content Manager where he learned to manage variety of contents on web and app.

Jinsung Kim

Global Comm. Team Leader

Jinsung Kim has organized few global conferences for startups and investors around the world. He has gained experience in management as project manager of a global conference organizing company where he built the network that he holds now. He is currently in charge of global communication department for Foresting. He has bachelor’s degree in Biology from SUNY.

Inchun Jung

Global Comm. Manager

After graduating from Beijing University with Chinese Studies degree, Inchun Jung has worked for Kangnam ChiHong College as one of the most popular instructor for several years. He has a ton of experience with interpreting and translating Chinese-Korean as he has worked with many clients overseas for business in China and Korea.

Sue Nguyen

Global Comm. Manager

Sue Nguyen is the Content Creator and Social Media Manager at Startup Radar.
She is a creative from Berlin who has designed social media content, web graphics and print materials for businesses, art platforms and media websites in Germany and Korea.
She has worked for Foundry a fashion tech startup in Seoul as well as SeoulSpace a fashion tech accelerator/co-working hub.

Jinho Choi

Global Comm. Manager

Jinho Choi has refused to go the easy way for his future where he could have easily get accepted into Tokyo University, one of the best University in Japan, rather he chose to go to Korea University, also one of the best University in Korea.. Currently, he is the CEO of StartOne, a global media platform for university students, who is majoring in Psychology.

Michelle Choi

Contents & MK Manager

Michelle Choi is a strategic thinker, avid learner and reader that love to discover new things in life. Michelle studied English Literature and Media and Communication at Korea University. She built her career at KIMEX as the Marketing Interpreter where she learned to plan the marketing and PR strategy. She also worked for the NE Education as the Content Creator/Researcher where she expanded her specialty of marketing strategy.

Orest K.

Blockchain Integration Specialist

Star Apps Ruby on Rails Development Director
Ruby, C, C#, Python, Ruby on rails, HTML5/CSS3, Git, HAML LESS SASS, Blockchain
IBM Blockchain for Developers Certification National Univ. of Lviv Polytechnic

Sergiy K.

Android Developer

Star Apps Android Development Director
Java, SQL, XML, Java
Developed Product List App
Developed Karabas Music App
Developed Google sample &
Input-master based apps
Lviv National University “Lviv Politechnic”

Anna Z.

Front-end Developer

Dengo Systems & Star Apps Front-end
Development Director
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery,AngularJS, ReactJS(basics), SASS Bootstrap , GIT, Gulp, Webpack, Abode Photoshop, Object-oriented programming (OOP)

Bogdan T.

iOS Developer

Star Apps & Coding-ART iOS Development Director
Programming Languages: Swift, Objective-С, Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, iOS
Development Tools: Xcode, SmartGIT
iOS Development Course, APPSkill, Ternopil Commercial Institute






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